WEEK 8/20/2011 (Night) 20-Aug 20-Aug 21-Aug 21-Aug 21-Aug Bye
1 Erlanger Mlls 2 Mills 1 Dixie Bellevue Bellevue  
EL -v- SY/J8 D -v- RD L/Cin  -v- Bt R -v- SK Bell -v- TM/J7 new/jr vs Jag  New
WEEK 28-Aug 27-Aug 27-Aug 28-Aug 28-Aug 28-Aug  
2 Mills 2 Mills 1 Mills 2 Mills 1 Scott Scott  
RD -v- SK EL -v- D BT -v- R Bell -v- SY/J8 TM/J7 -v- N lud/jr vs jag  lud
WEEK 9/3/2011 (Night) 9/3/2011 (Night) 3-Sep 4-Sep 4-Sep 3-Sep  
3 Dayton Beechwood Mills 2 Mills 2 Mills1 dayton  
D -v TM/J7 SY/J8 -v- N BT -v- Bell L/Cin -v- EL R -v- RD sk/jr vs jag  sk
WEEK 10-Sep 10-Sep 11-Sep 11-Sep 11-Sep 11-Sep  
4 Mills 2 Mills1 Mills 2 Simon Kenton Bellevue mills 2  
N -v- BT Dayton -v- R RD -v- SY/J8 SK -v- L/Cin Bell -v- EL tm/jr vs jag  tm
WEEK 9/17/2011 (Night) 18-Sep 18-Sep 18-Sep 18-Sep 18-Sep  
5 Erlanger Mills 2 Mills 1 Newport Ludlow Mills 2  
El -v- RD Tm/J7 -v- BT R -v- SY/J8 N -v- SK L/Cin -v- D bel/jr vs jag  bel
WEEK 24-Sep 9/24/2011 (Night) 25-Sep 25-Sep 9/24/2011 (Night) 24-Sep  
6 Mills 2 Cooper Mills 2 Mills 1 Ludlow Cooper  
BT -v- SK SY/J8 -v- TM/J7 El -v- N R -v- Bell L/Cin -v- RD day/jr vs jag day
WEEK 1-Oct 2-Oct 2-Oct 1-Oct 2-Oct 2-Oct  
7 Dixie Mills 2 Mills 1 Ryle  Newport mills 2  
SY/J8 -v- SK Bell -v- D BT -v- EL R -v- TM/J7 N -v- L/Cin rd/jr vs jags  rd
WEEK 9-Oct 9-Oct 9-Oct 9-Oct 9-Oct 9-Oct  
8 Simon Kenton  Mills 2 Mills 1 Dayton  Bellevue mills 1  
SK -v- TM/J7 R -v- EL SY/J8 -v- L/Cin D -v- N RD-vs-Bell bt/jr vs jag  bt
WEEK 15-Oct 15-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct  
9 Mills 2 Mills 1 Beechwood Scott Dixie Mills 2  
SK -v- D L /Cin -v- Bell SY/J8 -v- BT TM/J7 -v- RD R -v- N el/jr vs jag  el
Saturday and Sunday game times: Night Games:
Starters Midgets Juniors Starters Midgets Juniors
10:00 12:00 3:00 2:00 4:00 6:30
PeeWee            Senior Jr. Youth Pee Wee            Senior Jr. Youth
11:00 1:30 4:30 3:00 8:00 5:30
Union Raiders will Play the Senior team of the Dixie Raiders Opponent
Union Jags 8th grade is J8 and will play the Senior team of the Spartan Youth opponent
Union Jags 7th grade is J7 and will play the Senior team of the Taylor Mill opponent
Ray Allen's team is represented by Cin and will play the Senior team of the Ludlow opponent
The Union Raiders and the Union Jags 8th will play on Sept 17 at 1 PM at Ryle instead of Sept 18th
1st team Listed on Mills 2 is the Host, 1st team listed on Mills 1 is the Home team
Please note games with (?) need the Home teams to verify fields
This year it will be more important than ever that the home team contacts the opposing team
the week before the game to confirm which games will be played that week i.e.. Starters, Pee wee, ect.
It is the home team's responsibility to call and confirm with the officials the game times and how many games
are to be played. If officials are scheduled and no games are played it will be the home teams responsibility to 
pay them.
Note that normal game times are listed above. If your times are going to be different it is your responsibility to 
notify the officials and the league.
Communication is vital this year for the success of our season!!!
Chris Vier assigning  official (859) 391-0870 cvier@rizwitsch.com
Rick Buckler schedule (513) 312-1973 rbuckler@Bellevuetigers.org